An Interdisciplinary Association of Environmental Professionals in the State of Alaska
A forum for the advancement of environmental planning, research, & management
Our Goals

About Us/Contact Information

  • To Promote enhancing, maintaining, and protecting the quality of life in the natural and human environment.
  • To Create an interdisciplinary society of environmental professionals in Alaska.
  • To Encourage the efficient use of resources and improvement of the natural environment.
  • To Provide opportunities for professional development through meetings, conferences, and other activities.
  • To Facilitate communication within the environmental community including colleagues in business, government, and academia.
  • To Adhere to our parent organization's NAEP Code of Ethics and to the goals of NAEP and this Chapter.

AAEP Board of Directors meetings are typically held the third Wednesday of each month, from noon – 1:00 pm at HDR’s office (2525 C Street, Suite 500, Anchorage). AAEP members are welcome to attend; please contact for further information or to notify of your planned attendance. 
The current AAEP Board of Directors are:

·        President: Kristi McLean
·        Vice President: Keith Guyer
·        Treasurer: Kristen Hansen
·        Secretary: Bret Berglund
·        Chairperson of the Board: Anna Kohl
·        Director: Gene Weglinski
·        Director: Justin Nelson